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    Even the most subtle upgrade in your bathroom can significantly increase the overall value of your property, as many homebuyers often look at bathrooms and kitchens first in houses that they are interested at due to how much use they get! This is why we who like to go to the fine details with our customers to ensure their new bathrooms offer a premium guest experience.

    Bathroom renovations are more than just making the area aesthetically pleasing. It is more than just installing or replacing pretty floor and wall tiles that match the countertops. It is also about improving its functionality in order to accommodate the increasing needs while ensuring everyone’s comfort and safety.

    If you are considering a new bathroom installation or reno, we are here to help and would love to show you how we can transform your bathroom into a haven. We serve both residential and commercial clients in Geelong and the surrounding areas, with a team of experienced, and friendly plumbers, designers, carpenters, and technicians so you don’t have to worry about hiring them separately to get the job done.


    Geelong Luxury bathroom design


    Why Us?

    We work hand in hand as a team, and we are very passionate about helping you build your dream bathroom and turning it into a peaceful oasis.

    Choosing us over any other service providers in Geelong, Victoria, Australia gives you the following benefits:

    Geelong ensuite bathroom design

    Free on-site consultation with no additional charges and no obligation


    No surprise charges, no hidden fees, and fixed quotes


    Complete service package – from consultation, estimates, design, installation, maintenance, and repair


    Customised packages based on your needs and budget


    Fast and efficient service delivery


    Highly-qualified team of professionals


    Top-quality products from trusted manufacturers


    Industry-approved bathroom renovation process


    Licensed and insured

    With 10 years in the business, we are proud to say that we have already mastered our craft, but we continuously keep improving our skills and knowledge, and upgrade our equipment and technology to ensure excellent results all the time.

    We bring your dream bathrooms to life – the one that perfectly reflects your unique personality and style. We can build or restore all bathroom designs, from classic to contemporary, bespoke to luxurious bathrooms. Whatever it is you have in mind, our expert bathroom designer can help you come up with the best setup according to your preferences and budget.

    Geelong newly renovated bathroom toilet

    We have customised service packages for construction or renovation of all types of bathrooms:


    Master bathroom


    Bespoke bathrooms


    Designer bathrooms


    Powder rooms


    Commercial bathrooms


    En Suite bathrooms


    Laundry bathroom

    Geelong bespoke bathroom design renovation

    You can also count on our team should you need these services:


    Customised bathroom designs








    Bathroom accessories and furniture


    Wall and floor tile installations


    Wall removal or construction

    Our Bathroom Renovation Process

    In-home consultation

    • Bathroom designer will visit your home
    • Recommend designs and solutions
    • Take measurements to be used for quotation

    Quotation and Acceptance

    • Detailed quotation will be sent to you after 7 days
    • Signing of contract if you accept the quotation

    Design and Product Selection

    • Designer works closely with you to come up with the bathroom design
    • Decide on specific project requirements for a more detailed layout– tiles, plumbing fixtures, electrical wirings, paint colours, joinery

    Building Inspection

    • Arrange an in-home consultation
    • Discuss the specifics of the layout once drawing is finalised

    Preparation and Demolition

    • Prepare your home for the project implementation
    • Protect all surfaces involved in the construction
    • Strip off surfaces to accommodate new installations

    Carpentry Works

    • Highly-skilled carpenters work on the space based on project specification

    Service Rough-In

    • Laying out of electrical and plumbing lines before plastering


    • Covering of uneven surfaces, ceiling, and rough walls using waterproof plasterboard


    • Physical barriers or waterproof membrane will be applied into the walls and subfloors before tiles are installed to keep the area watertight.


    • Your chosen tiles will be installed by our professional tile installers.


    • Customised joinery and cabinetry will be installed for added aesthetics and functionality.


    • Installation of caulk to fill in cracks and prevent water penetration to plumbing and pipes.


    • All fixtures and fittings you chose will be installed.
    • Bathroom starts to look as you have imagined it.

    Shower Screen

    • Installation of perfectly-fitted customised shower screen by our professional glaziers.


    • Our professional cleaning team leaves no debris, dust, and waste, only sparkling clean, beautiful bathroom for you to enjoy.


    Geelong bathroom remodelling
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    How much does a bathroom renovation cost in Australia?

    The cost of complete bathroom renovation in Australia can go from $18,000 to $25,000. This could go way lower or higher depending on the size of the area to be renovated. The rule of the thumb is – the bigger the bathroom, the higher the cost.

    Here are the estimated costs of bathroom renovations based on the different sizes of the areas:

    • 2-square meter – costs around $6,000 to $10,000
    • 4-square meter – costs around $10,000 to $15,000
    • 6-square meter – costs around $10,500 to $18,000
    • 8-square meter – costs around $19,000 to $25,000
    • 10-square meter +– costs $25,000 and higher
    Why is bathroom renovation often expensive?

    Before you decide on renovating your bathroom, you have to be financially prepared and assess all options, there is no doubt about it. The investment is far from cheap, therefore you want to ensure you get maximum value. The overall cost of the project depends on different factors – the size of the bathroom, the materials, fittings, fixtures, furniture, and accessories you choose.

    Additionally, the labour costs could go higher or lower depending on the amount of work needed to be done based on the bathroom’s original floor plan. If you want to build a luxury bathroom, you have to bear the cost. Premium-quality materials are undeniably expensive, but they are guaranteed to last very long.

    Do I need to upgrade my bathroom before selling my property?

    Major bathroom renovations can significantly increase the overall value of your property – 100%. However, when done just before reselling it, it won’t have that much impact on your return on investment. Nevertheless, when you sell an updated bathroom in the future, you will most likely get around 3 to 4 percent ROI the most. 

    How long does it take to remodel a bathroom?

    Renovation projects of a 5 by 7 feet bathroom may be completed in around 13 to 25 days. The duration depends mainly on the size of the bathroom to be renovated, the amount of work needed to be done, and the number of people doing the tasks. Larger bathrooms, such as the master bathroom, may require many days more.

    What is the cheapest way to remodel a bathroom?

    Before you decide to go on with the project, you have to set a budget limit and make sure you stick with it. Here are some tips to on how to save money on remodelling the bathroom while making it look as good as new: 

    • Minor upgrades could make major changes in the overall aesthetics of the area. For example, you may have the walls repainted; add some new shelves, rails, and other accessories, or add tile overlays and replace or repair taps.
    • Recycle fixtures and fittings that are still in good condition. You can have them refinished or re-enamelled to restore its look.
    • Avoid removing and re-installing plumbing fixtures as it means additional expenses. You can have them repaired or restored instead.
    • Doing the simple remodelling project on your own could help you cut save a lot on labour cost, but you must have the skills, knowledge, experience, and the right tools to get the job done.
    What is the most expensive part about remodelling a bathroom?

    Plumbing and tile work are the most expensive parts in bathroom renovation. Aside from the fact that it requires tedious labour and expert hands, you also have to spend a lot on high-quality materials to make sure that they will work efficiently and will last long. Both of these can be found in the shower. 

    The shower can be the most expensive area in the bathroom. Aside from the plumbing and the tile work, it also needs customised glass shower enclosure, which can be very pricey.  However, other areas can be as expensive or even more depending on your preferences.

    What should you NOT do when remodelling a bathroom?
    • Do-it-yourself waterproofing – even the smallest water leaks can create serious damage to the entire bathroom. This task is better left to the experts to avoid costly repairs in the future.
    • Poor ventilation – mould and mildew love to thrive in poorly ventilated areas such as the bathroom. Open windows and exhaust fans are a must-have.
    • Improper spacing – balance aesthetics, functionality, and safety when remodelling a bathroom. Don’t try to squeeze in everything. Less clutter means more space to move around safely. Consider wall-hung cabinets to save space.
    • Wrong materials – moisture and temperature levels in the bathroom can change pretty quickly. This is why it is a must that you choose the right kind of materials that are designed to withstand all this.
    What is the best choice of tile for a bathroom?

    The most favourite choice of home and business owners when it comes to bathroom flooring is vinyl tiles because it is easy to install durable, and waterproof. 

    Ceramic and porcelain tiles are also popular choices with its stylish designs and durability, but may not be as comfortable to bare feet. Floor heaters may be required.

    Other options for bathroom flooring include glass tiles, plastic laminate tiles, stone tiles, cork tiles, and linoleum floor tiles. Each has its own special features that could satisfy one’s unique needs and preferences.

    Today is the best time to get started with your much-needed bathroom renovation. Give us a call and get a free consultation.